Our worship is an extension of who we are in the community; we continually seek to be an inclusive place where all are valued and welcome.  We are intentional about connecting the worship that is offered in Children’s Worship Centers with worship that is offered in the Sanctuary.  Elderly, middle-aged, families, teens, and children each play a significant part in participating in worship leadership at Third.  We believe this commitment reflects the diversity and variety that exists in the Body of Christ.

Music: Instrumentalists to accompany our congregational singing or do solo work during worship.

Song:  Song leaders (soloists or small group ensemble) to lead in new and familiar songs, and walk- in choirs such as Family Choir, Men’s Chorus, and Women’s Choir.

Dance:  Liturgical dance for children or adults.

Art:  Artists who work with wood, glass, metal, fabric, paint, or photography are invited to offer their gifts in worship.

Drama:  Share in Story, text, or a Children’s message.

Prayer:   Prayer is a central part of our worship. Laypeople and leaders offer prayers inside and outside of our worship. Matters for Prayer are taken seriously as part of our Body life.

Sacraments:  Monthly Communion and frequent Baptisms characterize Third’s worship. We invite worshippers’ involvement in these rites and seek to bring these tangible expressions of God’s grace close to all who come near.

At Third Church, we are thoughtful and intentional about the worship we offer God.  We value blended-worship and are open to using songs, words, and dramas that are old and new.  We strive to connect our worship and liturgy with the service we offer God, each other, and the city of which we are a part.  Corporate worship leads us into God’s world.  In his world, we strive to make the lives of others better because we have a vision of God renewing all things.